purifying glacier

A fetish with a river spirit imbuing it with the power to cleanse as well as deal agg ice damage

weapon (melee)

Current owner-Aksel von Hohenburg (Philidox Gurhal)

Level 4 Fetish Gnosis 7
Stats: Diff 6, Str + 3 Lethal.

“spend a gnosis when attacking a target, damage dealt functions as successes on a cleanse taint ritual”.

quite from cooling rivers “Its fine to fix them….just make sure the memory hurts”


A traditionally crafted ice blade forged in the frozen homelands of the Fenrir. This sword was first bound to a spirit whose primary purpose was to rid the world of the Corrupter Wrym’s taint. First and last true owner was Swift-Fang Fenrir and sept alpha of Fangs of Garm

purifying glacier

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