Dark Ages Fera

June 30, 2012

June 23, 1250

After a week of downtime and recovery, our players have not been idle. Neither has the world. Some children have gone missing from Gateshead, a boy by the name of Thomas and a girl by the name of Eve.
Our temptress, Tirzah, wanders the town and checks up on her retinue. And finding out about the missing children. She contacts a Gremlin spirit at a mill who is very spiritually racist. After the lacking encounter, she hunts down one of Pegasus’ brood, the Red Lady. The spirit is helpful but has no aid on the subject. Yet this is a spirit of giving and tries to feed her. Tirzah is finally given some sustainance.

The Keeper of Selines Secrets enters a bar to smooze with the locals and enforce his position. He learns of the ‘Painted Man’, who is from North Umberland by boat. Learning also about the nobles and their distresses.

Chases Wind and Aksel von Hohenberg seek to summon an ancient Gurahl for aid and wisdom. ‘Malcom’ comes to the call, a very ancient Ursine-born Gurahl Rishi of the Matae rank. The wisdom of healing and recovery for the land is requested. During this rite Chases Wind is asked by the ancestor-spirit to leave.

A new one stumbles onto the caern, a curious and very beautiful woman, who is intercepted by Chases Wind. She is sent on her way to Gateshead.

A short time later, a man of great stature, gracefully comes upon the clearing. Chases Wind intercepts the man, while his scent is detected by Aksel von Hohenberg. The ancestor-spirit leaves for another time. Lumbering over to the group, Aksel von Hohenberg comes to inspect the group, while Tirzah comes upon them. They crave his introduction while he response with needing theirs. Shay O’Carroll is his name and killing shit is his game.

Skotor, the caern spirit, confronts Shay O’Carroll and declares him not a wolf. In response, he shifts to chatro while Skotor turns into a flaming dire wolf. They have a cock-off. Shay O’Carroll makes a strong showing, a slice that would cleave a stone in twain. Skotor stands vigilant and returns the blow, on that would shatter castle walls. Skotor is impressed with Shay O’Carroll‘s ability to stand against him, thus ending the challenge and declaring Shay O’Carroll Champion of Skotor.

We turn our eye now to Zeke, as he questions the harbour master, to delve into the curiousity that surrounds ‘The Painted Man’. In a very persuasive manner, Zeke is able to discover manny different goings on down at the docks. The docks are infested with tainted dust being shipped in crates. With haste for the situation, he turns feline and rushes to the caern.

The caern is alerted by Zeke, and the news of taint causes bristling amongst those in attendence. Then the new young woman returns in the middle of the conversation. Briefly after, the environment begins to heat up to an uncomfortable level. Fire elementals swarm the area in the Umbra, escaped from the confines of the Earth elementals cages. They intend to cleanse the land of the Wyrm’s influence through purifying flame. Aksel von Hohenberg challenges the Flames, declaring that they must leave or submit to helping the land. During this, the Flames cleanse the land. Mangi, the Death Bear, appears and rolls around in the rebirthed land.

DA Fera 6/16/12

A huge vibration is felt throughout the umbra. The shock is such that even those normally dense to spiritual matters could feel it. Yet even so only some seem to have felt its wave. A golden bird visits each champion only to vanish in the direction of the vibration. “Come” calls a soft voice sweet and lulling, but who does it belong to?

Our champions arrive to find a desolate place. The surrounding forest seems to be untouched as if nothing had happened, however upon venturing further towards the caren it had looked as if death itself had marked the place. Grass dried and blown away, the trees left were mere stumps and seemed charred, except one tree standing defiant in the center. A golden oak mostly intact, granted it looked like someone had tried pruning it. Poking among the remains of the burnt down structures was found a long sword. Upon further inspection it was revealed that this was one of the great ice swords forged by the fenrir. The fetish is occupied by the river spirit “cooling rivers” and became owned by a young Gurhal “Aksel von Hohenburg” which was quickly put to good use as the nuwisha “chases wind” brought a burnt and slightly deformed tainted cub. The cub named Peter had belonged to the previous sept and had gone through his first shift not two days prior. It seemed Peter did not have much information to give our party through he did lead them in the general direction where other survivors may be.

Taking the cubs lead he group headed north, to the west of the port town Gateshead. At the river bank there was a smell of taint, however upon calling for his pack-mates its apparent that they intend to hide themselves. That or they were killed mid howl. Having no further leads the group Tames-the-beast (Ananasi), Chases wind (Nuwisha), Aksel (Gurhal), Zeke(Bagheera), and the young peter heads into the town around mid day. The crowd quickly thickens as the group proceeds closer and closer market and become so focused that they soon lose their young charge Peter. Seeing it as its not in the Fera’s dna to fret over a wolf cub they left him to his own devices. So they set about their own tasks. The Nuwisha stepped over to the umbra in hopes to find more clues to the source of the destruction of the caren and the source of the terrible taint. Coming first into the marketplace he finds an unusual spirit lingering, a member of owls brood deaths breath. After some chatter the nuwisha makes a deal with the deaths breath and is soon within the fera for a lunar cycle.


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